Opening August 2018

In less than 6 months, Emmanuel’s campus will be transformed and students will be living in the New Residence Hall – a beautiful, state-of-the-art building. Let the countdown begin!


Emmanuel’s Think Tank

Emmanuel College has its own Think Tank happening within the Library Innovation Maker Space on campus. When an issue presented itself during the planning phase of the new residence hall project, one of Emmanuel’s students took matters into his own hands and discovered a creative, cost-saving solution.

ISSUE: Unfortunately, the devices that will provide wireless internet access, wireless access points (WAP), throughout the new residence hall show the cable connections. For aesthetics purposes, the goal was to purchase a cover to hide these cables.

PURCHASED OPTIONS: Emmanuel’s IT department researched multiple options, including full covers at a cost of over $50.00 per unit (281 WAPs total). The option selected was a smaller, rear only plate that would cover the specific cable area at $10.50 per unit.

INTERNAL OPTIONS: A student worker in the Information Technology department, Jeff Malavasi (pictured above), decided he would try to design and print his own rear cover plate, similar to the option selected for purchase. The first model (pictured below) was created using common office supplies such as paper, cardboard, and rulers. After that a digital model was designed using free software provided by Microsoft and Autodesk. The digital model was then 3D printed using equipment from the Library Innovation Maker Space. As prototypes were designed and printed, the quality increased.

SOLUTION: The final prototype is shown in the photo below (final would be flat white to match the device).  With the correct 3D printer, these could be printed by Emmanuel at a cost below $2.00 per unit, saving over $8.00 per unit or an estimated $2,500.

The possibilities of creative solutions to come out of the Library Innovation Maker Space are limitless!

If These Walls Could Talk

The interior corridors of the new apartment-style residence hall are coming together with sheetrock. Soon enough, countless memories will be made by students who will refer to  the other side of these walls as their “home away from home.” You can almost hear the sound of students’ laughter and feel the energy that will fill these hallways once the doors open!

Fun fact: Drywall was invented in 1916, only a few years before Emmanuel College (1919)  was established.

One Brick at a Time

The new building’s exterior is coming together one brick at a time. The masonry team has been hard at work calculating angles, cutting , laying and washing the bricks. Each day the structure is becoming more familiar – fitting in with the timeless look around campus. It is exciting for members of the College community to witness the visual progress each week.

Once complete, there will be a total of 450,000 bricks used in this project. Additional photos of the brickwork will be posted throughout the fall.




Topping Off Ceremony

Look up! This week marked the Topping Off of the new residence hall. To commemorate this exciting milestone a concrete block, decorated with hundreds of signatures, was hoisted up to the 18th story then placed on top of the lower building for all to see. A total of 80 million pounds of concrete went into the structure of this building. This sturdy and HEAVY apartment-style residence hall remains on schedule to open its doors in August 2018.


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

The construction team has worked their way up to the 13th floor! At this rate, the building will be topped off by August. Below are some action shots of crew members working hard on a beautiful summer day in Boston. Each member plays an important role in this massive project.

Set Your Sights High!

Emmanuel’s logo was placed at the top of the stairwell on the new residence hall. Now the site of this exciting project can be seen from miles away!

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

site shot

This photo shows how the College’s new apartment-style residence hall will impact and enhance not only Emmanuel’s campus, but also the entire surrounding neighborhood. The concrete stairwell represents the actual height of the building. The U-shape building is currently up to the 6th (out of 18) floor.